4 Creative Ways To Use Styled Stock Images

If you run a business, by now, you’ve probably heard of stock images, yeah?

Businesses have been using them for years to market their products because they are easier to use than shooting your own photographs all the time.

The latest trend is styled stock or you might know them as flatlays. I love these because they have a nice, clean look.

If you’re new to this you’re probably thinking “how the heck do I use stock images for my business?”

Don’t worry because I’ve got you covered!

Here are four ways you can use stock images to promote your brand and business:

  1. Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter posts: Have a great post you want to publish, but you don’t have the right photo? Grab a relevant, pretty, stock image and slap it up with your words! I’m big on using your real-life photos most of the time, but I also love using stock when it’s appropriate!
  2. Facebook cover image: Needing a pretty image for your profile, or group cover? Stock is great for this. Just crop it to fit and you can put your group name text on there too.
  3. Blog header and posts: This gives a really professional feel to your website. Pick something that’s on-brand and will attract people who are in your target market.
  4. Pinterest posts: Pinning links from your blog and social media? Stock images give a visual pop to make your posts stand out.

There are tons more ways, but I wanted to give you a few easy ones that you could start implementing right away.

Speaking of…want a few FREE styled stock images to use?




I hope these help your business and make your marketing a little easier!